Q1. What is Take Opinion?

Ans.Take Opinion is a global e-clinic which provides personalized and innovative health care solutions to its customers. We provide our patients a complete health care network for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human ailments and make it easy accessible beyond physical boundaries.

Q2. What are the benefit of taking online consults?

Ans. When faced with a potentially life changing medical decision, it is important to be able to make that decision with confidence and peace of mind. We bring together multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals and a strategic access to the world’s best doctors at the click of a button in the comfort of your homes. Therefore, Take opinion ensures better disease management by helping you to zero down to the specialist as per your need at a very affordable price with ease and convenience.

Q3. What is an e-query and how it is processed ?

Ans. E-query is a facility which allows the customer to ask any health related question in less than 50 words. This facility is only for basic information about the medical condition of the patient and the treatment options available .On receiving your query it is read and analysed by the take opinion physician and after consultation with the concerned specialist a valid answer is given.

Q4. What is e-consultation?

Ans. E-consultation is a facility provided by Take Opinion which will enable the patient to attach his prescription and lab reports online to be able to take a complete online consultation from the specialist chosen by you. The specialist will go through your test reports and given a diagnosis and suggest a suitable treatment plan.

Q5. How do I select the Doctor?

Ans. The doctors on our panel have been segregated specialty wise and the patient can choose a specialist from the list provided. The doctor’s profile also indicates his/her area of treatment which will be helpful in selecting the Doctor. There is also a provision to select the doctor directly by disease or Dr’s Name.

Q6. Can I take consultation on someone else’s behalf?

Ans. Yes, you can take consultation on someone else’s behalf. However it will be required to fill two forms, one with the patient details and other with your particulars.

Q7. How do we consult a specialist?

Ans. Depending upon the medical condition of the patient, select the specialist from the list provided, enter your query and descriptions of the patient’s condition. To enable us to give a reliable answer you can upload a maximum of 4 attachments (of any size and format). The attachments can be your past prescription/s, CT scans, MRI reports, Lab reports etc. After confirming the same pay online through any payment mode provided. We will get back to you within 48-72 hrs. on receiving the payment.

Q8. How soon do I get an answer to my eConsultation??

Ans. After receiving the payment and query, we will get back to you within 48-72 hrs. In case of any delay because of any unavoidable reasons we will inform you accordingly or refund your money.

Q9. Is it mandatory to register to access Takeopinion?

Ans. No, it is not mandatory to register to have an access to takeopinion. However, If you do so, which we strongly recommend, your details are stored with us and you will have an access to all your transactions and consultation details in future.

Q10. When will the products ordered from Health shoppe be delivered?

Ans. YThe products ordered or paid for will be delivered within 7-10 days on subject of availability of same at the time of placing an order.

Q11. Are the ambulance services available for emergencies?

Ans.  Keeping in mind the distances and the traffic situations, we are not in a position to cater to an emergency situation. Besides in an emergency you’ll hardly find the time to book an ambulance online.

Q12. Do the products displayed on the health shoppe come with guarantee?

Ans.  Definitely Yes, the products displayed on our health shoppe are all branded productswhich are being marketed by leading companies. All the products come with a guarantee/warranty which is offered by the manufacturers. The period of guarantee however varies from product to product.

Q13. Is it possible to meet the consultants on the Take Opinion panelpersonally?

Ans.  Take Opinion’s basic objective is to provide the patient with genuine, unbiased and professional medical opinion. If at any point you have the desire to meet the consultant personally for independent follow-ups, you are free to do so or you can fix up an appointment with them through us.

Q14. How safe is any data at Take Opinion?

Ans.  Your privacy is well maintained and the query you have posted is only shared with your consultant.

Q15. Why should I use Take Opinion?

Ans.   Since Take Opinion offers you the best healthcare serviceswith convenience, ease, credibility, safety, security and affordability,there is every reason why you should choose and use Take Opinion when it comes to online consultation.