Our Ambulance Service

We provide ambulance service in collaboration with Goodmans Rescue. Goodmans Rescueis engaged in the provision of Quality medical transport facilities in the pre- hospital settings in Emergency and non-emergency conditions. We uses level of care consistent with the clinical needs of the patient. Also to provide non- emergency bedside-to-bedside cost effective &safe medical transport to the critically ill patients.

We are staffed with experienced ICU physicians from the field of Accident & Emergency medicine. We have registered paramedics, Nurses and respiratory therapists and experienced and dedicated healthcare workers.

Upon booking and prior notice we can transfer any patient bed side to bedside by ground and air ambulances

Air Ambulance

We provide Air ambulance of different types and sizes available to suit all your needs. Decision is based on cost, type of emergency, number of person who needs assistance, distance, altitude and weather, time of day-night or availablty air strip at the destination and availability of certain aircraft.

Operational range is All over India and Worldwide 24hrs a day

Types of Air Ambulances :

Rotatory Wing Helicopter:

Ideal for remote locations with no airstrips.Cruses at 200 Kph.

Fixed Wing Aircraft:

Turbo Prop-350kph Jet-653 kph with service celling of 43000 ft. Ideal for rapid transport of critically ill medical, surgical and Trauma cases.

Commercial flights

Medical escort nurses for patients. Emergency Physician, registered flight nurses for Stretchers cases. These services are available on domestic and international flights.

Domestic charter

The services are available from the very basic to the transport of critically ill patients on ventilator, and other advance life supports. Airborne time after stretcher confirmation – 4 hrs International charter

International charter

We have Doctors and flight nurses with visas to all parts of the World. Case wise medical assistance can be providedto patients on oxygen and advance life supports. All flight compatible equipment(s) are available with us.

Road Ambulance

Ground ambulances available on Non-Emergency basis .We do not provide emergency care at home, hospital, and road side medical assistance.

The different kind of ground ambulances available are :

Ambulance van (PTS)

These ambulances provide safe transport of non-emergency stable subjects, who do not require any type of medical intervention en route.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance Transportation :

A basic life support (BLS) ambulance is one that provides transportation plus the equipment and staff needed for such basic services as control of bleeding, splinting fractures, treatment for shock .All the ambulance that we provide are designed and equipped to respond to medical emergencies and, in non- emergency situations, capable of transporting beneficiaries with acute medical conditions. At a minimum, the ambulance would contain a stretcher, linens, emergency medical supplies, oxygen equipment, and other lifesaving emergency medical equipment and be equipped with emergency warning lights, sirens, and telecommunications equipment. Medical crew is trained for emergency airway management should there be the need to do so.

These ambulances are best suited for:

1. Non-emergency patient transport.
2. Transport to local hospital for Radiology and Radiation appointment.
3. Hospital discharges.
4. Visit to physiotherapy and Dialysis appointment.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance Transportation :

The ambulances are equipped to transport critically on advance life supports, including transport ventilation and patients on temporary Pacemaker. The ALS vehicles are specialized life sustaining equipment and include, at a minimum, one two- way voice radio or wireless telephone. Typical of this type of ambulance are mobile coronary care units and other ambulance vehicles that are appropriately equipped and staffed with personnel trained and authorized to administer intravenous therapy. Provide anti-shock trousers, establish and maintain a patient's airway, defibrillate the heart, stabilize pneumothorax conditions and perform other advanced life support procedures or services, such as cardiac (EKG) monitoring intubations and ventilation. These ambulances can transport ventilator- supported patients on long distances. The Emergency physician on board are trained usually working in the city ICU's and Emergency department and are adequately experienced to handle all kinds of Emergency department and are adequately experienced to handle all kinds of Emergencies.

These ambulances are recommended for transporting :

  • 1. Cardiac Emergencies

  • 2. Critically ill patients

These ambulances are fitted with the state of the art pre hospital medical equipment almost identical to the Hospital ICU's.


For Air ambulance price quotation please fill the query/booking form and sent to us.

For Ground ambulances the price list is given below, for any assistance please fill the form so that we can get in touch with on priority basis or call us on our number.

Charges in INR Airport to Delhi city NCR Region
TYPE NON Emergency PTS BLS ACLS NOIDA,Gurgaon,Ghaziabad EXTRA INR 1000
Ground ambulances AC Tempo traveler. Oxygen. Medical technician Registered Nurse Oxygen. Airway adjuncts. Advance cardiac life support (Mobile ICU ) *EXTRA EQUIPMENT
Up to 25 km. 1850 2600 6600 Please advise in advance about any specific equipment /supplies needed for patient.
Beyond 25 km. 1850+25/km 2600+30/km 6600+50/km Pacemaker 2000
Waiting charges 600 per hr 800 per hr 1200 per hr BIPAP/ CPAP 2000
Beyond DELHI and NCR – up to 600 km only ( Two way charges levied ) ***Mentally challenged 2000
Kilometer rate 30/km 34/km 50/km **Infectious condition. 1000
Waiting charges 650 per hr 850 per hr 1500 per hr Neonatal transport 4000
Night halt 4000 6000 10000
MEALS :For long distance retrievals and transfers –Dietary preferences/requirements /feeds/Ensure /Indian vegetarian etc are accepted 24 hrs prior to booking the ambulance.